Use your time efficiently during COVID-19

Since, consuming the time on your mobile devices or laptops, you could take care more of your businesses like pay the bills, (online banking, billing softwares) manage your schedules, (google calendar, etc.) or in general taking care of your incomes/outcomes or your financial papers. You can also take care of your business by being active on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. We could prefer also that you could discuss with your co-workers or employees via Whatsapp.

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Besides this, you can find very useful tools to promote your business on social media like Instagram or Facebook with tools like Smartly or Facebook Ads Manager which you can install as well on your mobile devices.

You can boost your business on Social media with little investments whether can bring enough online presence towards business.

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Also you could spend your time by listening to audiobooks on Youtube (link HERE ) . And also could be found variations of apps for iOS/android and maybe, during the night you could find on Youtube audio about meditation like meditation music. (link HERE)

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